Excerpt from the “Standardized Social and Historical Studies for 6th Graders”, English version.
(Published 2181, The Arcasi Publishing Firm

Our Age, The Molecular Age?

It is agreed among most experts that the “Information Age” was surpassed with the advent of the Molecular Computer, which made a huge leap in computational limits and made the current biological interfaces possible.

There is however, much discussion as to whereas we still can consider ourselves to be part of this historical period, with the great changes brought forth with the Arcasi Reactor.

A brief overview of the major changes brought forth by the Arcasi Reactor

  • Theoretically infinite and clean energy to anyone in the proximity of a reactor.
  • Renewable Energy shut down traditional, “dirty industry”, fossil fuels usable only for long-distance travel.
  • Massive chunks of Earth’s population migrated closer to any of the areas hosting an Arcasi Reactor, creating both dense metropolis and huge swaths of land for agriculture and wildlife.
  • The Arcasi powered Maglev railroad system was ushered in to connect today’s Great Cities.

There are some who argue the biggest change to the human condition is the significant decrease in firearms and war we’ve seen in later years, dubbing the present a “post-gun age”. And even though traditional chemically based firearms are no longer present in today’s police forces and armies, they still find their use in the hands of hunters or criminals. (See “The Crackdown” in chapter 6 for a full detailing on how the munitions factory industry collapsed in a matter of decades)

Other proposed labels for the present age are as follows: The Molecular Age, The Arcasi Age, The Metro Age, The Power Migration Age.

Discuss with a partner designated by your teacher why we label historical periods, and what name you find the most fitting for the present.

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